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Aaronco Medium Stripping Knife

Aaronco Medium Stripping Knife Aaronco Medium Stripping Knife

Blade: 1 1/2"
Total Length: 5 1/2"
Right HANDED, Straight
Medium / 15 teeth per inch
Stainless Steel Blade

Good overall body work, blending. along with finer work on legs,tails,head. New to the AARONCO Tool Collection, these ergonomically designed strippers fit the hand better and stay more comfortable for longer than traditional stripping tools.

Made from beautiful handcrafted hardwoods and blades forged from Japanese steel. These fine stripping knives quickly remove dead hair and undercoat. The Aaronco stripping knife can be used for carding and plucking on show coats too!

Comfort grip, riveted wooden handles provide excellent control and helps reduce hand fatigue. Stainless steel blades are durable, effective, and will not rust. The Aaronco stripping knives are the best steel blades for the most challenging grooming tasks. Fine stripping blades remove more hair, medium and coarse blades remove less hair. Great Quality at a Great Price!

Price: $26.00
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