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Aaronco HoneyCombs

Aaronco HoneyCombs Aaronco HoneyCombs

Returning to the AARONCO Tool Collection, these finely crafted combs fit the hand better and stay more comfortable far longer than traditional combs.

Seven sizes are available.

Manufactured in England they are the ultimate quality for the ultimate groomer!

807, 809, and 811 are now made in Japan!

804: 8” HONEYCOMB “HI-TOP” 39 Medium/18 Coarse Teeth
805: 9" Honeycomb® "Detailer" 21 Fine/44 Coarse Teeth
806: 9" Honeycomb® 52 All Coarse Teeth
807: 9" Honeycomb® 49 Medium/27 Coarse Teeth (MADE IN JAPAN)
808: 9" Honeycomb® 106 All Medium Teeth
809: 7.5" Honeycomb® "Ultra Greyhound" 43 Medium/22 Coarse Teeth (MADE IN JAPAN)
810: 5" Honeycomb® "Show Ring" 58 All Medium Teeth
811: 5" Honeycomb® "Pocket Pal" 33 Fine/17 Coarse Teeth (MADE IN JAPAN)

Price: $22.00
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