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Envirogroom Odor Clear

Envirogroom Odor Clear Envirogroom Odor Clear

This premium professional deodorizing shampoo is the clear solution for removing unwanted odors.

It works fast and effectively to eliminate the toughest odors including the worst skunk odor! Makes a professionals tough job easy! Leaves coat clean, manageable and is mild and non irritating to the skin.

Never drying. ODOR CLEAR is vitamin and protein fortified to condition the skin and coat. Safe for use on puppies, kittens and horses.

Ingredients: Plant derived shampoo base, Aloe, Odor Neutralizer, Jojoba, Panthenol, Vitamin E & Soy Protein

32:1 Concentrate
Pet Deodorizing Shampoo
pH Balanced/Biodegradable/Non-Toxic


Price: $48.95
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