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1st Impressions White Spray

1st Impressions White Spray 1st Impressions White Spray

This magical clear spray is truly a one of a kind product. It is a scientific breakthrough for whitening and brightening without the use of bluing or bleach.

Applied to a white coat, it makes a visible difference. Even the untrained eye will appreciate it. It will help remove yellowing and stains from the animal's coat without the worry of drying or damaging the coat.

This spray applied to animals with multicolored coats will increase the color depth and contrast of that coat without fading the color.

CAUTION: This product is specifically designed to enhance the true white color of the coat and should NOT be used in conjunction with a bluing shampoo.

Used as directed this advanced formula spray will help eliminate yellowing and staining from the animal's coat and will restore it to a brilliant natural color.


Thoroughly wash the animal with 1st Impression Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

Next use 1st Satin Conditioner.

For the best results for whitening those troubled areas, we recommend, that the animal be damp. Spray 1st Snow White on the areas you wish to whiten and brighten, making it very wet, then brush in thoroughly using a forward and backward motion. This will insure you are not only coating the hair on the top but, also on the bottom of the hair, throughout the entire coat. This will give the coat color a more uniform appearance. Let stand for at least 5 minutes (do not rinse out) and then blow dry.

When spraying onto a dry coat, extra care must be taken to feather the spray into the surrounding areas to avoid spotting.

To avoid eyestrain the freshly groomed animal is best viewed with sunglasses!!!!

Price: $19.00
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