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Whole Hemp CBD Oil 1000 mg 1 oz

Whole Hemp CBD Oil 1000 mg 1 oz Whole Hemp CBD Oil 1000 mg 1 oz

Colorado grown and extracted. Whole Hemp Oil may be recognized as new to the Modern Western World, but the hemp plant has been around for health, agriculture and advancement of societies for centuries. Science has shown us that there is much more going on with this CBD component than originally thought. And to think that CBD is just one component in the massive list of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids all working their magic, is humbling and exciting. Humans and other mammals have specific cannabinoid receptors that are primarily in the brain and central nervous system, and in peripheral organs, especially immune cells. We refer to these receptors as the endocannabinoid system. This system in naturally occurring and producing cannabinoids by itself. But other hormones and external substances can through this system off track. That is why we supplement these products to help the body reach it's homeostasis. The exact effects that these receptors promote when stimulated with CBD oil differentiate with every dog and their circumstance. We look at our products at BarknBig in a whole form, meaning that our bodies digest and absorb nutrients with such complexity, we need to stay as natural as possible. This is why we use the whole hemp plant to extract the CBD oil and all the other cannabinoids, allowing our Hemp Oil to work with the pet’s body in harmony.

There are trace amounts of THC in the Oil because of the synergistic effect it plays with the CBD. Trace amounts means under .3% of the volume of the Oil. Under Federal law, it is ok and safe to sell a CBD oil with THC as long it is under that threshold.

*Remember these plants are grown for industrial use, not for THC (psychoactive component). Also, we recommend that you do not mix with other medicines while taking CBD oil. CBD oil will metabolize with enzymes that are also used to metabolize synthetic drugs, rendering one or both less effective. We recommend going with one or the other to get the full effect of the dosage.*

Although there is a lot of developing research behind the benefits of CBD oil and the entourage effect of all the hemp plant components, the FDA has not yet evaluated CBD oil as medicinal, therefore we recommend that you consult a vet before using this product.

1 oz.

Price: $119.95
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