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Beef Trachea XLarge 3 Pack

Beef Trachea XLarge 3 Pack Beef Trachea XLarge 3 Pack

Beef Trachea Moo-Hoos X-Large (12+"). Have you ever seen the product in pet stores that looks like it came from some prehistoric species? That would be Trachea. The dogs love this chew and the best part about it is it is full of hyaluronic acid which builds glucosamine. Glucosamine aids in hip and joint health. Help your old pup out with some added health benefits.

We recommend you get younger dogs to start supplementing their hip and joint health as a preventative measure. Look at it like insurance for the future vet bills to avoid. Satisfy hunger and provide extra health benefits. This product is a winner!

If you feel crafty, you can break this down into smaller pieces and fill it with pumpkin puree. Put it in the freezer and let it settle, then use as a yummy, filling frozen chew!

Price: $16.00
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