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Shop Care RTU Disinfectant

Shop Care RTU Disinfectant Shop Care RTU Disinfectant


Disinfectant Spray that contains no abrasives or bleach. Cleans, Disinfects and deodorizes in one easy step! This product removes dirt, grime, mold, mildew, blood, urine, fecal matter and other common soils found in animal housing facilities, kennels,, pet stores and veterinary clinics. It eliminates odors leaving surfaces smelling clean and fresh. It is designed to use daily on hard, on porous inanimate surfaces, plated or stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, glazed porcelain and tile, laminated surfaces associated with floors, walls, counter-tops, cages, crates, kennels, bathing tubs and animal equipment found in animal housing facilities. Approved for use in all Animal / Veterinary care facilities and human facilities such as restrooms and bathrooms to clean and disinfect toilets, urinals, sinks, faucets, tubs and showers.

Cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer, mildewstat and virucide
Ready to Use
Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses
Powerful cleaning cuts tough grease and grime without scrubbing
Great for all Animal facility cleaning and disinfecting
Great for restrooms (ie. toilets, urinals, sinks and showers)

From $13.95
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