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TK9 Flairosol 10 oz. Bottle TK9 Flairosol Side View TK9 Flairosol Spray Pattern
TK9 Flairosol 10 oz. Bottle

TK9 Flairosol 10 oz. Bottle

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Flairosol is a propellant free airless spray package with an aerosol-quality spray. It consists of a mechanical trigger operated dispenser with a double-layered plastic bottle. Airless and non-pressurized with no use of propellant gases. Reusable dispenser with replacement bottle allows for 98% evacuation of product.

Dispenses 1.25cc per 1 second of spray. Spray ends abruptly meaning there are no drips or leaks (pre-compression).

Bottle volume: 10 oz. Trigger is long enough for two finger to easily grip it. Bottle has an inner layer made of polypropylene and an outer layer made of PET.

Works with aqueous and alcohol based formulations (subject to testing). Will not work for high viscosities, solvent-based products and formulations that dry quickly.

Clear bottle with black sprayer.

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