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Panagenics Shampoo

Panagenics Shampoo Panagenics Shampoo

Panagenics Shampoo is non sticky to the touch and its Citrus base is designed to clean with no damage or heavy detergents.

It is applied in small amounts after the Panagenics conditioner to remove dirt, odor, stains, conditioner residue and leave the cuticle flat, healthy and crystal clear. It restores hair to its original genetic quality and it adds back to your hair what others strip out.

This is why this shampoo can be used on people, infants, canine, equine, feline and birds without altering the genetic makeup.

As with all Panagenics products they are designed to genetically enhance any species, breed of hair, skin or feather it is applied on. It is dye free, tearless, fragrance free, low sudsing and pH in the 5- 6 range. This will repair the worst of hair damage and genetically restore your hair to its natural state. The more you use these products the better your hair will get. All of the Panagenics products are gentle enough to be used daily on people, infants, dogs, cats, horses, wild animals and even birds. Panagenics products are safe for the environment and contain no harsh chemicals to harm watersheds.


Apply a small amount on hand and massage gently onto dry hair all the way to the skin. Panagenics Shampoo is low sudsing and can easily be rinsed out. This can be done on a daily basis after rinsing, blow or towel dry and use Panagenics Hydrating Spray to protect and strengthen hair while using combs, brushes or dryers.

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