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#1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray

#1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray #1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray

- Spray lotion
- Formulated for dogs and cats

#1 All Systems Fabulous Grooming Spray is formulated from all natural ingredients including but not limited to components derived from sunflower, coconut and corn oils.

It contains a lipid layer enhancer, which deposits lipids on the skin. This increases the softness, smoothness and moisturization of the skin with prolonged use (3-7 days).

The coat is coated by lipids and conditioners that protect the hair chemically and physically. This same ingredient also prevents the hair from matting, tangling, static and splitting even if the hair gets wet after the spray has been applied.

The spray physically coats the hair to prevent dirt from adhering to it. One of the state of the art conditioners has a positive charge thus it also repels dirt that is negatively charged. With continued use the coats condition -texture and volume, combability and gloss will steadily improve.

Directions for use: May be diluted with water, preferably distilled or used full strength. Coats which are going through a coat change-matted or tangled or that are not in the best condition, or where you are breaking down hairspray use full strength - spray and let dry before brushing out this gives the product time to do it's job and will make the brushing and combing much easier reducing your grooming time.

Coats that are in better condition; dilute with water, for example 1:1. May be sprayed into wet or dry coat. Pay special attention to the problem areas of the coat.

12 oz.

Price: $10.00
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