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Mink Sheen Pet Shampoo

Mink Sheen Pet Shampoo Mink Sheen Pet Shampoo

The first choice and #1 shampoo for Groomers, Breeders, Show Dogs and Pet Owners around the world!

It's like getting 4 products in 1!

~ Gentle shampoo
~ Coat conditioner
~ Anti-bacterial formula
~ Natural insect repellant

MinkSheen Pet Shampoo's rich lather will gently clean your pet without leaving its skin dry or irritated.

Mink Oil leaves a soft, shiny "show" quality coat, while Vitamin E soothes and prevents "hot spots."

The cedar and citronella oils naturally repel biting insects while leaving your pet smelling great!

The added benefit of an anti-bacterial will protect both you and your pet from the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

This incredible pet shampoo also has a coat conditioner within the shampoo so you only have to use one bottle to get everything done.

Start at an 8:1 dilution.

From $3.00
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