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*Chris Christensen*

Kool Dry Dryer Accessories *Chris Christensen*

Chris Christensen Dome Filter KD200c

Price: $6.00

Chris Christensen Foam Filter 8" x 8" KD500A

Price: $3.00

Chris Christensen Kool Dry Exterior Filter Black 7.5" x 2.5" x 1/2" KD500FK

Price: $2.00

Chris Christensen Kool Pup, Extreme, Extreme II Exterior Filter Black 6" x 2" KD500FP

Price: $2.00

Concentrator Nozzle

Price: $8.00

Diffuser Nozzle

Price: $15.00

Hold A Hose Assembly

Price: $85.00

Kool Dry Replacement Hose

From $40.00
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