Chris Christensen ClippersAt Total K9 Connection, we understand that proper grooming is just as vital as training when it comes to your dog’s health and happiness. That’s why we trust Chris Christensen clippers for all our grooming needs. These clippers align perfectly with our commitment to excellence, providing precision and comfort for your beloved pet. We’ve seen firsthand how the right tools can make a world of difference, and Chris Christensen clippers’ superior quality ensures a smooth grooming experience every time. Whether you’re preparing your pup for obedience training, agility courses, or simply maintaining their coat between sessions, these clippers are the choice of our professional trainers. We believe in only using the best for your canine companions, and with Chris Christensen clippers, we can guarantee an impeccable grooming standard that aligns with our industry-leading training services.

Coral Online Canada

Frag Garage

Purchase living coral online in Canada from Frag Garage when you’re looking for a high-quality product at a very affordable cost. We have an exhaustive selection of coral, including SPS, LPS, softies, and coral frag packs, all priced affordably. Speak with one of our aquaculture coral experts by phone at 250-884-5566.

Official Rolex Dealer in New York

HL Gross


As an Official Rolex Dealer in New York, we at H.L. Gross & Bro. Jewelers understand the importance of reliability, precision, and excellence that our discerning clients expect when choosing a timepiece that stands the test of time. For over a century, nestled in the heart of Long Island, our family-run establishment has curated an exceptional collection of Rolex watches, each bearing the hallmark of unparalleled craftsmanship. Our 5,500 sq. ft. showroom in Garden City is a sanctuary where passion for luxury meets the expertise of our dedicated team, ensuring every Rolex enthusiast leaves with a piece that perfectly encapsulates their individuality and prestige. With our rigorous standards and intimate knowledge of Rolex intricacies, we proudly uphold the legacy of both our brand and the iconic Swiss watchmaker, committing to the authenticity and sophistication that our clientele rightfully deserves. HL Gross

Cell Phone Wireless Charger Vancouver

Our smartphone charging stations display advertisements to patrons of the retail establishment, while the patrons charge their smartphones with our unique charging stations. ChargeHosts will also offer deals or specials to patrons which are advertised on our site and on our charging stations to increase viewership of your advertisement and campaign. Chargocity